Modelling a GWR Footbridge


As supplied, the Hornby 00 scale R481 footbridge kit represents a fairly basic representation of a GWR footbridge. The parts go together quite well and there is little flash, however, there are a few injection moulding marks which need filling and filing.
As supplied, the kit is so over height that it is more suitable for use with 7mm scale, however, with some careful modelling, this kit can actually be made up into a nice model. This article covers that process.


The Hornby product is a model of the footbridge at Hagley in England. The real footbridge is still extant and is something of a local tourist attraction:

The Model

The Hornby model is designed to stand on the ground over railway lines. It is however, far too high. To make it suitable for platform mounting, two of the panels on the stairs must be removed, leaving two panels remaining. Note that the panels on the model are of a different size to those of the protototype as can be seen in the last image above. Having reduced the number of panels, the supporting legs must also be reduced in length.
The kit can then be constructed as per the instructions.
Whereas the lattice work on the prototype is separate to the boarding behind it, on the model, the two are moulded as one.
The model has been hand painted in 1960's BR(W) chocolate and cream. A brush with only a few bristles was used to do the very fine edging between the different colours. The footway inside was painted a timber colour (prior to fitting the roof) - a mixture of Humbrol 113 and 33. The roof was painted with Humbrol 67 after some paper was applied to simulate lead sheeting in the valley gutters of the roof.

The Finished Product

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