LocoShed Community Software

LocoShed is the latest online platform for managing model railway collections and is provided by Model Railways Online as a free service to our readers.

  • Create your own private database to keep records of your model collection
  • Collaborate with your friends or club when they join LocoShed
  • Categorise your collection items
  • Choose the data elements you want to store about each item
  • Upload any number of file attachments (images, documents, web links, decoder configuration files, maintenence sheets etc) against each item
  • Create reports of your collection
  • Attach reference web links to your items (such as articles)
  • Share the in-built supplier database or add your own
  • Maintain your own lists and/or combine the system lists
  • Personalise your Dashboard by adding links to your preferred sites
  • Import data from Excel CSV files or the GPP Software CMS Stock Collection Management System

Databases and Data Privacy

All data in LocoShed is private and securely stored on database servers in a Government Security Level data centre.
Everyone has their own individual logins and only they can access their own databases. You can be a member of more than one database if you wish, for example, your own database and your club database.
We use the https SSL web protocol for secure connections.
MROL has no affiliations with any other organisations and does not share data in any way to anyone or any third party.


LocoShed groups model items into 'categories', for example 'Locomotives', 'Carriages' etc. You can create your own categories and you can create as many categories as you want:

Each category is assigned a 'metadata template' which defines the data elements recorded about each model item in that category. You can choose from the provided metadata templates or you can create your own templates and select the required elements from those provided:


The LocoShed system maintains a database of links to web articles. These are classified by model manufacturer and catalog numbers so that when you view the references of one of your items, you will see the articles that we maintain. The database of articles is continually growing and ranges from images to prototype articles, model articles and maintenance/service sheets.
You can add your own references but these are only visible to your database.


The LocoShed system maintains a database of Suppliers which you can choose from when setting manufacturer names or purchase places of model items.
This list is continually updated by the community, however, you can add your own suppliers but these are only visible to your database.
The suppliers database contains addresses, website and contact details:


LocoShed provides ready-made reports. You can also create as many of your own reports as you wish and you can quickly and easily choose the data elements you wish to be shown.
Your reports are only visible in your database.

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