British Railways Paint Colours

For those modellers of British Railways prototypes living overseas from the UK, the advent of restrictions on sending paints through the postal system has made obtaining correctly coloured paints for our models increasingly difficult.
This article presents a summary of research which we have undertaken across multiple sources to identify the British Standards colour codes applicable to the colours used by British Railways. Overseas modellers may provide these codes to local paint suppliers to mix up suitable paints, in our case, Bunnings in Australia.

This article will be updated and added to as we find more information. If anyone wishes to contribute to this list, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Us option at the bottom of this page.

BS381C BS281C
BS2660 BS2660
BS4800 BS4800
BR Spec
Rail Name Notes
107Strong BlueLNER Garter Blue
108Aircraft blue
112Arctic Blue7-084Fiesta BlueIce Blue For insulated wagons
114Rail Blue81-20728-5321
166French blue
216Eau de Nil
218Grass greenLNER Doncaster Loco Green
221Brilliant green
224Deep Bronze GreenBR Loco Green, GWR post 1945
225Light Brunswick GreenM. U. Green / SR Malachite (pre-war) / LNER Apple Green
227Deep Brunswick GreenSECR / Great Central Green
298Olive DrabSR Dark Olive
309Canary YellowLining Yellow
353CreamGWR Coach Cream / BR Cream
355LemonRed Star Yellow
356Golden Yellow0-003Golden Yellow08 E 51Golden Yellow81-202Warning panel/signal yellowAll front yellow panels including original HST front yellow
361Light StoneStoneColour for Brakevan Interiors above 3' 6"
366Light beige
388BeigeSR Freight Stone
411Middle brown
412Dark BrownFrame brown
435Camouflage redGWR Indian Red
446Red OxideBR Freight bauxiteFreight stock Red for lower walls up to 3' 6" & external body on fitted & piped vehicles
447Salmon pink
448Deep Indian RedMaroon
449Light Purple BrownGWR Coach Brown / LNWR Chololate Lake
4513-039 ChocolateDark Brown
452Dark CrimsonLMS Crimson Lake
499Service BrownSR Freight Brown
537Signal red
540CrimsonCrimsonBR Crimson/Cream coaches
557Light orangeLining Orange
593Rail red / Azo orange81-20428-5318Rail Red / BR Flame Red / Intercity Rail Red
627Light aircraft grey00 A 05Goose Grey / Sea Mist / Goose Wing81-20628-5320Rail grey / Freight stock Grey Unfitted vehicles (later lighter grey)
633Dark Grey9-098Blue GreyRoof grey (Vans and coaches)
637Medium Sea GreyRoof grey (maroon coaches)
638Dark Sea GreyCoach roof grey
640Extra Dark Sea GreyGWR Freight grey / Freight Dark grey
693Aircraft GreyFreight stock Grey Unfitted vehicles (earlier darker grey)

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