For Sale

Ashwood Dale Exhibition Layout is FOR SALE


The layout is 8.5 metres long x 0.60 metres wide, built for exhibitions so is portable The 3 main sections fit into a frame approximately 1.85 long x 1.2 high x 0.66 wide. The 2 fiddle yard sections, leg frames, pelmet boards will all fit in a 7 foot x 4 foot box trailer.

Trackwork is to EM Scale all hand built with 1mm ply sleepers, NS Code 70 rail turnouts and working level-crossing gates are protected by interlocked semaphore signals.  All signals are built using Model Signal Engineering components operating through relays. Turnouts are operated via Tortoise Switch Machines. All the buildings are scratch-built or modified kits. Electrical operation is the 2 cab system divided into sections shown on the portable control panel, turnouts, signals and level crossing gates are also controlled on the same panel. The two fiddle yards have 2 trays each, 4 roads tray one end, 5 roads tray the other end. Controllers are Orbit Supertroller, and ECM. Compspeed both DC.

Included with the layout , 20 Locomotives all kit or scratch-built. Mostly in Midland Railway or LMS livery.  About 160 coaches and wagons.  Most of the rolling stock is kit or scratch-built.

One can find photographs and an article about the layout on this website HERE

I would like to sell all as one lot. A figure in mind off 8000.00.

If you should be interested, I will be open to any negotiation on the price.

For more information or photos contact: Rob Lees Phone 0265848631 Mob. 0407670018